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In business life it unfortunately impossible to not have legal regulations in reserving a holiday apartment or guestroom. A reservation made by the guest and accepted by the lessor constitutes a contractual relationship between the two parties.

Formation of a Contract

The booking of a holiday apartment or guestroom by the lessee, the confirmation from the lessor, and a confirmed reservation from the lessee creates a rental contract between the two parties. Reservations and confirmations will be made in writing, however, reservations and confirmations may be made through email.


The holiday apartment and guestroom is available to the guest beginning at 4 p.m. on arrival day until 10 a.m. on departure day. If an arrival time is to be before 2 p.m. or after 6 p.m., this is to be reported to the lessor in a timely manner. A right to early use of the holiday apartment or guestroom does not exist. A departure after 10 a.m. on departure day can only occur with prior consent from the lessor. The lessor is not required to grant permission for a late departure time. In the case of an unconfirmed late departure, the lessor has the right to charge the guest for an additional day at the price of a full overnight stay.

Handing Over of the Holiday Apartment

The accomodations are to be handed over in a clean and acceptable condition.

A walk through of the holiday apartment prior to moving in is possible for the guest in order to assess the condition of the apartment.

The lessee is asked to leave the property in the following condition: beds stripped of linens, trash disposed of, dishes washed, and the kitchen left clean.

The guest is required to handle the rented property including all contents with care. The guest is to compensate for any damages resulting from their handling of the property or its contents. The same applies for damages made by persons traveling with the guest or pets. The guest is required to immediately inform the lessor of any property or property content damage. Should the guest neglect to inform the lessor of any damage, the guest will be liable for any additional damage resulting from the prior.

If in the final cleaning soilings or impurities are found on the property which extend beyond average amounts and thus require a specialized cleaning (especially when the smoking ban is disregarded), the lessee will be billed for all resulting costs plus an additional 20,00€. The lessee bears liability for any damages caused and for any lost compensated time resulting from the inability to rent the apartment (until all damages are compensated).

Cancellation Fees

We allow for our guests to calculate cancellation costs as follows:

0% of the total rental cost with a cancellation up to 31 days before arrival

80% of the total rental cost with a cancellation up to 3 days before arrival

100% of the total rental cost with a cancellation on short notice

We recommend our guests to take out a travel cancellation insurance policy when reserving an apartment or guestroom. This policy insures against financial liability when an unforeseen event (ex. illness, death, serious accident, complicated pregnancy, severe damages to property due to fire, weather or “acts of God”, a criminal offence against a third party, unforeseen joblessness of the insured, or a unexpected call to draft for the military or military exercise) makes one unable to travel or requires that the trip be ended early.

Place of Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is the place of business in the town wherein the holiday apartment is located. In this case it is the county court of Bernkastel. The duty of payment is required no later than the arrival day and is to be provided in advance. There is the possibility to pay the agreed upon rental fee in advance per wire transfer.

Severability Clause

If a provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, that shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement. The invalid or unenforceable provision is to be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision closest to the economic purpose of this Agreement.

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